Premium Products

EZEE 360

The efficiency at which grocery stores and supermarkets operate is determined by how well their business functions are managed. That includes the management of staff, customer relationships, inventory, suppliers and more. By carefully planning and executing those operations on a daily basis, retail stores will be able to prevent a wide range of uncertainties. Using manual methods to oversee business functions is highly likely to lead to erroneous outcomes. In order to help eliminate business risks, improve precision, speed, value and finally the prospects of retail operations, we have built a comprehensive POS software called EZEE360. It harnesses modern technology such as the cloud with mobile app integration and self-order

Mobile Application Development

Mobile as a platform provides us with limitless options. We have the technology and the know-how to capitalize on transactional communication with wearable devices and BLE/NFC technology.

Web Application Development

We can develop web applications for diverse services and functionalities and provide training to client staff and IT department to manage the application in-house.